Our Team

At Comfort Wigs, ETC we are keenly aware that our hair loss clients do not want to purchase a wig or have to wear it for several months. The doctors appointments, tests, surgeries, and the 'poking and prodding' can consume most of your days and almost all your thoughts, emotions and energy. It is also unnerving that you have to purchase a product that has a less than glowing stigma attached, and you may feel vulnerable shopping for a product you have negative preconceived ideas about. Those preconceived ideas may stem from the 60's or 70's when your "Aunt Millie" wore a wig that would barely fit in a peck basket.

  What will you be looking for in a  boutique/salon team to assist in wig selection? We suggest the following;
1. A team who understands your fears and needs.
1. A team who will work with your health insurance .... and bills directly to that network
2. A team with a large inventory of wigs and assists you in wig selection by price and style.
3. A team who can cut your hair in a short style when hair loss begins, and cut and style the new wig on your head.
  4. A team who gives ongoing support in case questions or problems arise with your wig.
Comfort Wigs, ETC was designed as a boutique/salon to create a warm, personal, and caring atmosphere that reflects our team's concern and understanding of your situation. And, we do our best to add a little humor to the mix.

  If the above sounds like the team you want to work with, call us at 214-488-8885, Toll Free 1-866-383-8885, or visit us at 500 E ROUND GROVE RD, STE  306, Lewisville Texas 75067, OR FAX TO 972-316-8885



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